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A Death in Canaan

barthel robert joan parsons

(CBS, 3/1/1978, 150 mins). Dramatization of novelist Joan Barthel’s nonfiction account of Connecticut townspeople, rising to the defense of a local teenager charged with the mutilation murder of his mother in September 1973, and outraged at the police handling of the case. Paul Clemens, son of actress Eleanor Parker, made his film acting debut here. This movie also marked the American TV directing debut of Tony Richardson and was Emmy Award nominated as Outstanding Special of the 1977-78 season.

Production Companies Chris-Rose Productions, Warner Bros. Television. Director Tony Richardson. Producers Rick Rosenberg, Robert W Christiansen. Teleplay Spencer Eastman, Thomas Thompson. Based on a Book by Joan Barthel. Photography James Crabe. Music John Addison. Editor Bud Smith. Art Director Robert Jillson. Associate Producers Anna Cottle, Henry Kline.

Cast Stefanie Powers (Joan Barthel), Paul Clemens (Peter Reilly), Tom Atkins (Lieutenant Bragdon), Jacqueline Brookes (Mildred Carston), Brian Dennehy (Barney Parsons), Conchata Ferrell (Rita Parsons), Charles Haid (Sergeant Case), Floyd Levine (Thomas Lanza), Kenneth McMillan (Sgt. Tim Scully), Gavan O’Herlihy (Father Mark), Yuki Shimoda (Dr. Samura), James Sutorius (Jim Barthel), Bonnie Bartlett (Teresa Noble), William Bronder (Judge Revere), Pat Corley (Judge Vincent), Trent Dolan (Sweeney), Charles Hallahan (Corporal Sebastian), Sally Kemp (Barbara Gibbons), Doreen Lang (Nurse Pynne), Lane Smith (Bob Hartman), Michael Talbott (Trooper Miles), Marc Vahanian (Cliff Parsons), Paige Mellon (Anne Barthel), Dan Miller (Robert Keepre), Brad Willis (CBS Interviewer), Brian McGibbon (Philip Pitts), O-lan Shepard (Carla Pitts).

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