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A Death of Innocence

mother cameron tisha carliner

(CBS, 11/26/1971, 120 mins). Courtroom drama of the ordeal of a small-town mother who comes to Manhattan from Idaho to attend her daughter’s murder trial, bewildered by the pace of the big city but steadfastly standing beside the girl despite the evidence against her. Kim Stanley originally was to have played the mother of the co defendant, but a foot injury caused her to be replaced by Ann Sothern, the real life mother of Tisha Sterling, the accused girl. Based on Zelda Popkin’s 1971 novel.

Production Company Mark Carliner Productions. Director Paul Wendkos. Producer Mark Carliner. Teleplay Joseph Stefano. Based on the Novel by Zelda Popkin. Photography Ben Colman. Music Morton Stevens. Editor Gene Fowler Jr. Art Director Joseph R. Jennings.

Cast Shelley Winters (Elizabeth Cameron), Arthur Kennedy (Marvin Hirsh), Tisha Sterling (Buffie Cameron), Ann Sothern (Annie LaCossitt), John Randolph (Charles Cameron), Harold Gould (Alexander Weisberg), Antoinette Bower (Cara Fellman), Peggy McCay (Helen McCloud), Richard Bright (Jimmy Rekko), Tony Young (Joe LaCossitt), Pilar Seurat (Miss Santiago), Doreen Lang (Mary Fingerhut), Barney Phillips (Klein), Regis J. Cordic (Judge Morahan).

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