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The Death of Richie

werner john thomas nbc

(NBC, 1/10/1977, 120 mins). A confused teenager (Robby Benson) turns to drugs, leading to erratic outbursts in school and violent quarrels with his straight arrow father. Adapted from the book by Thomas Thompson.

Production Companies Henry Jaffe Enterprises, NBC Productions. Director Paul Wendkos. Executive Producer Charles B FitzSimmons. Producer Michael Jaffe. Teleplay John McGreevey. Based on a Book by Thomas Thompson. Photography Robert B. Hauser. Music Fred Karlin. Editor Michael Economou. Art Director James G. Hulsey.

Cast Ben Gazzara (George Werner), Robby Benson (Richie Werner), Eileen Brennan (Carol Werner), Lance Kerwin (Russell Werner), Charles Fleischer (Brick), Clint Howard (Peanuts), Harry Gold (Mark), Cindy Eilbacher (Sheila), Rose Gregorio Page 54  (Betty Firmani), Anne Newman Mantee (Judge Feinberg), Sean Thomas Roche (Pat), Shirley O’Hara (Mrs. Norton), Jennifer Rhodes (Elaine), John Zaremba (Mr. Norton), Jesse Emmett (Eddie), Susan Pratt (Janie), John Friedrich (Kurt), Jane Marla Robbins (Nancy), Herbert Voland (Morris Polk), Kathryn Ish (Mrs. Sullivan), Tom Tarpey (Mr. Sullivan), Alice Hirson (Mrs. Blair), Richard Stahl (Arthur Edmunds), Barry Miller (Domenic).

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