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The Death Squad

robert forster scott kreski

(ABC, 1/8/1974, 90 mins). A television carbon of Clint Eastwood’s “Magnum Force” (1973), this movie likewise has a hard-nosed cop going after a self styled assassination squad of bad cops who are methodically eliminating criminals they feel were wrongly exonerated in court. Robert Forster is the one routing out the bad apples.

Production Company Spelling Goldberg Productions. Director Harry Falk. Producers Aaron Spelling, Leonard Goldberg. Teleplay James David Buchanan, Robert Austin. Photography Tim Southcott. Music Dave Grusin. Editor Stefan Arnsten. Art Director Tracy Bousman. Associate Producer Parke Perine.

Cast Robert Forster (Eric Benoit), Michelle Phillips (Joyce Kreski), Claude Akins (Connie Brennan), Mark Goddard (Allen Duke), Melvyn Douglas (Capt Earl Kreski), Kenneth Tobey (Hartman), George Murdock (Vern Acker), Jesse Vint (Harmon), Stephen Young (Lieutenant Andrece), Julie Cobb (Sharon), Bert Remsen (The Chief), Dennis Patrick (The Commissioner), Janis Hansen (Dispatcher), Nate Esformes (Pela), Regis J. Cordic (Judge), Sidney Clute (Driver), Jeane Byron (Commissioner’s wife), Claire Brennan (Waitress Max), Nick Dennis (Greek), Mel Scott (Officer), Ian Scott (Gunman), Trish Mahoney (Woman), Buddy Garion (Staley), Sally Frei (Girl).

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