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robert jay schenck executive

(CBS, 5/31/1978, 120 mins). An overworked executive vacationing in Hawaii finds that his romance with an attractive businesswoman he meets there is threatened by the supernatural powers of a strange native curse.

Production Companies Roger Gimbel Productions, EMI Television. Director Bruce Kessler. Executive Producer Roger Gimbel. Producer Jay Benson. Teleplay George Schenck. Based on a Story by George Schenck, Jay Benson. Photography Jack A. Whitman. Music Paul Chihara. Editor Tony DiMarco. Art Director Herman Zimmerman.

Cast France Nuyen (Tapalua), Robert Foxworth (Jason Palmer), Joe Penny (Rick Bladen), Barbara Trentham (Diane May), Dolph Sweet (Lt. Russ Cort), Debralee Scott (Sherry Weston), Charles Haid (Earl Wheelie), Joan Freeman (Mrs. Jennings), Branscombe Richmond (Vince Tatupu), Carole Kai (Tami Waimea), Mitch Mitchell (Ryan Jennings), Albert Harris (Dr. Restin), Lydia Lei Kayahara (Julie Chin), Don Pomes (Dr. Eckworth), Jose Bulatao (Wolf Man Dancer), Terry Takada (Judy), Donna White (Dora), Robert Witthans (Harry Phillips), Robert I. Preston (Marsh), Carol Avery (Kay), Alan Vicencio (Jenner), Chris Bailey (Walt).

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