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The Defection of Simas Kudirka

david arkin john bruce

(CBS, 1/23/1978, 120 mins). A fact-based drama about the Lithuanian seaman (played by Alan Arkin) who made an abortive attempt for freedom in 1970 by leaping from a Russian ship to the deck of an American Coast Guard cutter in Portsmouth, New Hampshire. Director David Lowell Rich and editor John A. Martinelli each received an Emmy Award for this film, which also gained nominations for Donald Pleasence (Supporting Actor), Bruce Feldman (Teleplay) and David Shire (Music).

Production Companies The Jozak Company, Paramount Network Television. Director David Lowell Rich. Executive Producers Gerald I. Isenberg, Gerald W. Abrams. Producer Richard Briggs. Teleplay Bruce Feldman. Photography Jacques R. Marquette. Music David Shire. Editor John A. Martinelli. Art Director Bill Hiney. Associate Producer Bruce J. Sallan.

Cast Alan Arkin (Simas Kudirka), Richard Jordan (Cmdr. Edward Devon), Donald Pleasence (Capt Vladimir Popov), George Dzundza (Gruzauskas), John McMartin (Phillp Chadway), Shirley Knight (Genna Kudirka), Marvin Silberscher (Commander Burkalis), Peter Evans (Mott), Ted Shackelford (Blain), Barton Heyman (Dr. Paegle), Jack Blessing (Kabek), Nicholas Guest (Baltrunar), Matthew Arkin (Petras), Salem Ludwig (Assistant supervisor), Bok Richardson (Admiral Ritter), Don Warnock Jr. (Stender), Nicholas Saunders (Soviet Chairman), Warren Manzi (Radio operator), David Gibson (Garvey), Thomas Vegh (Cipola), Mark Bernier (Colley), Clarence Felder (Picnic man), Gedda Petry (Marija), Joe Sabia (Durgas), Daniel Williams (Seaman Nance), Michael Stein (Yakov), Joyce Vining Morgan (Mrs. Paegle), Don Wescott (Prosecutor), Jack Lazare (Old KGB man), Stephen Nuding (Young KGB man), Kenneth Bradford (Captain Sloan).

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