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The Desperate Miles

robert rogosin john joel

(ABC, 3/5/1975, 90 mins). A disabled Vietnam veteran, out to prove that a person does not have to be helpless, embarks on a grueling 130-mile trip in a wheelchair, an odyssey in which his life is endangered by a paranoid truck driver.

Production Companies Frank von Zerneck Films, Robert Greenwald Productions, Universal Television. Director Daniel Haller. Executive Producer Joel Rogosin. Producers Frank von Zerneck, Robert Greenwald. Teleplay Arthur A. Ross, Joel Rogosin. Based on a Story by Arthur A. Ross. Photography Jack Woolf. Music Robert Prince. Song “Many Miles to Morning” by Bill Dyer, Joel Rogosin, Robert Prince. Song Performed by Denny Brooks. Editors Chuck McClelland, Howard Terrill.

Cast Tony Musante (Joe Larkin), Joanna Pettit (Ruth Merrick), Jeanette Nolan (Mrs. Larkin), Lyn Loring (Jill), John Larch (Dr. Bryson), Pepe Serna (Ruiz), Michael Richardson (Ted), Shelly Novack (Lou), Richard Reicheg (Al), Stacy Keach Sr. (Mr. Rhodes), John Chandler (Truck driver), Purvis Atkins (Jason), Marcus Smith (Spaulding), John Elerick, Kathy Cronkite.

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