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The Desperate Mission

producer murieta joaquin montalban

(NBC, 12/3/1971, 120 mins). Western hokum about Mexican bandit-folk hero Joaquin Murieta here shown to be a frontier Robin Hood, fighting a bunch of ruthless hombres and, with three cohorts, righting wrongs done to harassed pioneers. Filmed in 1969, it was initially shown outside the United States in 1970 under the title “Joaquin Murieta.”

Production Companies Montalban Enterprises, Twentieth Century Fox Television. Director Earl Bellamy. Executive Producer Aaron Rosenberg. Producer David Silver. Teleplay Jack Guss, Richard Collins. Photography Jorge Stahl. Music Robert Drasnin. Editor Russell Schoengarth. Art Director Alfred Ybarra. Associate Producer Joseph Silver. Costumes Moss Mabry.

Cast Ricardo Montalban (Joaquin Murieta), Slim Pickens (Three-Finger Jack), Rosey Grier (Morgan), Ina Balin (Otilia), Earl Holliman (Shad Clay), Jim McMullan (Arkansaw), Miriam Colon (Claudina), Armando Silvestre (Diego Campos), Robert J Wilke (Gant), Anthony Caruso (Don Miguel Ruiz), Charles Horvath (Yuma), Allen Pinson (Croncracker), Ben Archibek (Frankie Gant), Eddra Gale (Dolores/bartender), Jose Chavez (First Monk), Francisco DeCordova (Father Augustine), Eldon Burke (Galvez), Ivan Scott, Tamara Girina, Miguel Fernandes, Juan Garcia, Juan Edwards, Lina Marin, Victor Eberg.

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