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The Devil's Daughter

stone producers thomas shelley

(ABC, 1/9/1973, 90 mins). A young girl whose mother had sold her soul to the devil in infancy is now called to the fold by Satan (in the guise of Shelley Winters) who tries to marry her off to a fellow demon. This devil-worshipping horror tale was assembled by the producers and the writer of such later collaborations as “Silver Streak” and “Foul Play.”

Production Companies Miller-Milkis Productions, Paramount Network Television. Director Jeannot Szwarc. Producers Edward K. Milkis, Thomas L. Miller. Teleplay Colin Higgins. Photography J. J. Jones. Music Laurence Rosenthal. Editor Rita Roland. Art Director William L. Campbell. Associate Producer Bob Birnbaum. Titles Phill Norman.

Cast Shelley Winters (Lilith Malone), Belinda Montgomery (Diane Shaw), Robert Foxworth (Steve Stone), Jonathan Frid (Mr. Howard), Martha Scott (Mrs. Stone), Joseph Cotten (Judge Wetherby), Barbara Sammeth (Susan Sanford), Diane Ladd (Alice Shaw), Lucille Benson (Janet Poole), Thelma Carpenter (Margaret Poole), Abe Vigoda (Alikhine), Ian Wolfe (Father MacHugh), Robert Cornthwaite (Pastor Dixon), Rozelle Gayle (Fedora), Nick Bolin (Turk), Lillian Bronson (Landlady), Sharon Barr (Kitty), Jock Livingston (Middle-aged man), Grace Genaro (2nd woman), Gail Bonney (1st woman), Mark Thomas (Julio).

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