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The Disappearance of Aimee

james played moore irby

(NBC, 11/17/1976, 120 mins). A dramatization of the unexplained six-week disappearance in 1926 of evangelist Aimee Semple McPhearson after which a court hearing had to decide whether she had been kidnapped to Mexico as she claimed or trysting with a married man as the police and her mother (played by Bette Davis) suspected. This was Faye Dunaway’s TV movie debut in a role that was scheduled to be played by Ann-Margret.

Production Company Tomorrow Entertainment. Director Anthony Harvey. Executive Producer Thomas W. Moore. Producer Paul Leaf. Teleplay John McGreevey. Photography James Crabe. Music Steve Byrne. Editor Gerry Greenberg. Art Director Charles Rosen. Associate Producers Ira Loonstein, Irby Smith. Costumes Edith Head.

Cast Faye Dunaway (Sister Aimee McPhearson), Bette Davis (Minnie Kennedy), James Sloyan (DA Asa Keyes), James Woods (Asst. DA Joseph Ryan), John Lehne (Captain Cline), Lelia Goldoni (Emma Shaffer), Severn Darden (S.I. Gilbert), William Jordan (Kenneth Ormiston), Sandy Ward (Judge Blake), Barry Brown (Wallace Moore), Irby Smith (Benedict), Hartley Silver (Clerk), Rena Andrews, Lucian Benrier, Richard Jamison, Liz Jury, Harlan Knudson, Lester Palmer, Jerry Reitmeyer, Dusty Saunders.

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