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Doctors' Private Lives

john wise james david

ABC, 3/20/1978, 120 mins). Two famed heart surgeons find their lives in turmoil when personal passions clash with medical ethics in this pilot for a prospective hospital-based series that finally emerged (briefly) in the spring of 1979.

Production Companies David Gerber Productions, Columbia Pictures Television. Director Steven Hilliard Stern. Executive Producer David Gerber. Producer Robert Stambler. Teleplay James Henerson. Based on a Story by James Henerson, Peggy Elliott. Photography Howard R. Schwartz. Music Richard Markowitz. Editors David Wages, Ronald LaVine. Art Directosr John Beckman, Ross Bellah. Associate Producer Audrey Blasdel-Goddard.

Cast John Gavin (Dr. Jeffrey Latimer), Donna Mills (Dr. Beth Demery), Ed Nelson (Dr. Mike Wise), Barbara Anderson (Frances Latimer), Bettye Ackerman (Sylvia), John Randolph (Irv), Randolph Powell (Dr. Rick Calder), Fawne Harriman (Phyllis), Leigh J. McCloskey (Kenny), Kim Hamilton (Kitty), Elinor Donahue (Mona Wise), John Lupton (Howard Weese), Viola Harris (Harriet Wise), Ross Elliott (Lou Wise), Robin Mattson (Sheila), Pamm Kenneally (Tania), Eddie Benton (Diana), Brian Richards (Les Phillips), Lee Delano (Chuck), Lionel Decker (Max Fryman), Jodean Lawrence (Mrs. Archer), Kirk Mee (Mr. Archer), Morgan Jones (Pilot), John Dannis (Fire captain), Gene Hamilton (Anesthetist), James Da Priest (Fred), Mary Angela (Sharon), Margarita Cordova (Reporter), Maurice Sneed (Reporter), Charley J. Garrett (Resident), John Vari (Doctor), Tommy Crebbs (Billy Demery), Leslie Vallen (Nurse), Anthony Cardenas (Hestor), Ralph Meyering Jr. (Orderly).

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