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Dog and Cat

robert basinger hill clark

ABC, 7/22/1977, 90 mins). In this pilot, which premiered more than two months after the short-lived series ended, a veteran cop whose partner was killed while they were trying to collar a hood in the porno business reluctantly agrees to work “dog and cat” with a beautiful young woman officer in order to stay on the case. Lou Antonio (who juggled an acting and directing career on TV), Kim Basinger and Matt Clark were the stars of the series that ran between March and May of 1977.

Production Companies Largo Productions, Paramount Network Television. Director Robert Kelljan. Executive Producer Lawrence Gordon. Producer Robert L. Singer. Teleplay Heywood Gould, Henry Rosenbaum, Owen Morgan, Walter Hill. Created by Walter Hill. Photography Robert L. Morrison. Music Barry DeVorzon. Editor Dennis Virkler. Art Director Steven P. Sardanis.

Cast Lou Antonio (Jack Ramsey), Kim Basinger (J.Z. Kane), Matt Clark (Captain Kipling), Charles Cioffi (Ralph Travan), Richard Lynch (Shirley), Dale Robinette (Nicholas Evans), Janit Baldwin (Roeanne Lee Peters), Geoffrey Scott (David Storey), Leslie Wood (Velman), Matthew Bennett (Gonzo), Walt Davis (Trog), Dick Wesson (Zink Kauffen), Lynn Borden (Mavis), Richard Forbes (Earl Seagram), James Hall (Frank), Dianne Kay (Connie), Frank McRae (Morgue attendant), James Storm (Change maker), Ken Sylk (Doty), Betty Thomas (Waitress).

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