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Donner Pass: The Road to Survival

john charles james producer

(NBC, 10/24/1978, 120 mins). A “Classics Illustrated” version of American history and the fight waged by a pioneer to save the lives of his family and others in a wagon train who find themselves trapped in deep mountain snows and facing starvation that leads them to (unspecified) cannibalism.

Production Companies Charles E. Sellier Productions, Schick Sunn Classics. Director James L Conway. Executive Producer Charles Sellier Jr. Producer James Simmons. Teleplay S.S. Schweitzer. Photography Henning Schellerup. Music Bob Summers. Editor Trevor Jolley. Art Director Paul Staheli.

Cast Robert Fuller (James Reed [and narrator]), Andrew Prine (Keyser), Michael Callan (William Eddy), Diane McBain (Margaret Reed), John Anderson (Patrick Breen), John Doucette (George Donner), Cynthia Eilbacher (Mary Graves), Royal Dano (Sutter), Gregory Walcott (Will McKutcheon), Lance LeGault (Charles Stanton), Whit Bissell (Uncle Billy Graves), Peg Stewart (Mrs. Breen), Reid Cruickshanks (John Snyder), Robert Carricart, Rudy Diaz, Brian Erickson, John Hansen, Paul Grace, Barta Heiner, Augustin Vallejo, George Barrows, Richard Jury, Elaine Daniels, Michael Ruud, Jorge Moreno.

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