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Don't Push, I'll Charge When I'm Ready

robert producer italian cerusico

(NBC, 12/18/1977, 120 mins). An old-fashioned service comedy the kind Bob Hope used to make in the 1940s telling of the misadventures of an Italian POW who is drafted into the American army during World War II. Made in 1969, it was produced and directed by Bob Hope’s son-in-law, with Italian actor Enzo Cerusico, remembered by TV trivia buffs as the onetime star of the series “My Friend Tony” (1969), in the lead. This film premiered not in TV’s primetime but on NBC’s late night network movie on a quiet Sunday.

Production Company Universal Television. Director Nathaniel Lande. Producer Nathaniel Lande. Teleplay Al Ramrus, John Herman Shaner. Photography Lionel Lindon. Music Lyn Murray. Theme song performed by Rita Gardner. Editor Robert L. Kimble. Art Director Henry Bumstead. Associate Producer Lloyd Richards. Costumes Grady Hunt.

Cast Sue Lyon (Wendy Sutherland), Enzo Cerusico (Angelo Rossini), Dwayne Hickman (Sgt. Ed Hutchins), Cesar Romero (Teodoro Bruzizi), Edward Andrews (Maj. Ralph Watson), Soupy Sales (Santola), Jerry Colonna (Himself), Gino Conforti (Tony Esposito), Mikel Angel (Fabrizio), Parley Baer (Phil Parsons), Victoria Meyerink (Lauren), Kenneth Tobey (Oliver), Avery Schreiber (Announcer), Byron Morrow (General), Dick Simmons (Major), Robert E. Ball (Amedeo), Lee Delano (Alberto).

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