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The Doomsday Flight

frank william edward bomb

(NBC, 12/13/1966, 120 mins). A controversial thriller about a madman who puts the lives of a group of travelers in jeopardy by planting an altitude activated bomb aboard a plane in an extortion plot against the airline. Rod Serling’s screenplay was so detailed creating a device that would explode below 5,000 feet that a 

Production Company Universal Television. Director William A. Graham. Producer Frank Price. Teleplay Rod Serling. Photography William Margulies. Music Lalo Schifrin. Music Supervisor Stanley Wilson. Editor Robert F. Shugrue. Art Director Frank Arrigo.

Cast Jack Lord (Special Agent Frank Thompson), Edmond O’Brien (The Man), Van Johnson (Captain Anderson), Katherine Crawford (Jean), John Saxon (George Ducette), Richard Carlson (Chief Pilot Shea), Tom Simcox (Engineer Chipps), Michael Sarrazin (Army corporal), Edward Asner (Feldman), Malachi Throne (Bartender), Robert Pickering (Willoughby), Jan Shepard (Mrs. Thompson), Greg Morris (FBI Agent Balaban), David Lewis (Mr. Rierdon), Howard Caine (L.A. Dispatcher), John Kellogg (Seaton), Bernadette Hale (Virginia), Celia Lovsky (Elderly Woman), Dee Pollock (Speed Jet messenger), Edward Faulkner (Copilot Reilly), Don Willbanks (Bomb disposal man), Don Stewart (Charlie).

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