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Dr. Scorpion

cannell stephen producer james

(ABC, 2/24/1978, 120 mins). A live-action comic book adventure in which a power-mad genius threatens world peace with a scheme involving the theft of the country’s atomic missiles, and only one man stands in his way.

Production Companies Stephen J. Cannell Productions, Universal Television. Director Richard Lang. Executive Producer Stephen J. Cannell. Producer Alex Beaton. Teleplay Stephen J. Cannell. Photography Charles Correll. Music Mike Post, Pete Carpenter. Editors Diane Adler, George S. Rohrs. Art Director John J. Lloyd. Associate Producer Chuck Bowman.

Cast Nick Mancuso (John Shackelford), Christine Lahti (Tania Reston), Richard Herd (Bill Worthington), Sandra Kerns (Sharon Shackelford), Roscoe Lee Browne (Dr. Cresus), Denny Miller (The Dane), Granville Van Dusen (Terry Batliner), Philip Sterling (Admiral Gunwilder), Lincoln Kilpatrick (Eddie), Joseph Ruskin (Lieutenant Reed), William Lucking (Whitey Ullman), James Murtaugh (Dave Steel), Zitto Kazann (Arubella), James Hong (Ho Chin), Eric Server (Agent Shelby), Robert Minor (Jean Claud Ammatt), Richmond Hoxie (Morrison), Harvey Fisher (Tony).

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