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Dr. Strange

philip deguere director sarah

(CBS, 9/6/1978, 120 mins). An occult drama in which a young psychiatrist joins an urbane, world-weary sorcerer when the latter’s ancient adversary, an unearthly beauty with the power to possess men’s souls, once again appears to spread her evil magic. This tongue-in-cheek tale, laced with all manner of wizardry, was the pilot for a prospective series, joining other comic book heroes on the airwaves.

Production Company Universal Television. Director Philip DeGuere. Producers Philip DeGuere, Alex Beaton. Teleplay Philip DeGuere. Based on Characters Created by Stan Lee. Photography Enzo A. Martinelli. Music Paul Chihara. Editor Christopher Nelson. Art Director William H. Tuntke. Associate Producer Gregory Hoblit.

Cast Peter Hooten (Dr. Stephen Strange), Clyde Kusatsu (Wong), Jessica Walter (Morgan Le Fay), Eddie Benton (Clea), John Mills (Lindmer), Philip Sterling (Dr. Frank Taylor), June Barrett (Sarah), Sarah Rush (Nurse), David Hooks (The Nameless One), Diana Webster (Head nurse), Blake Marion (Department chief), Bob Delegall (Intern), Frank Catalano (Orderly), Larry Anderson (Magician), Inez Pedroza (Agnes Carson), Lady Rowlands (Mrs. Sullivan).

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