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NBC, 1/27/1969, 120 mins). In this pilot for the successful revival version of the classic TV series, Sgt. Joe Friday and partner Bill Gannon doggedly track down the killer of two models. Curiously, this pilot was premiered two years after the second Dragnet series returned to the air for its three-year run (1967-70), mirroring the success Jack Webb had with the original between 1951 and 1959. This TV-movie version, filmed in 1966, is often confused in television listings with Webb’s 1954 theatrical version of the same title. Unexplained is why, in this version and the new series, Joe Friday was “demoted” to sergeant after attaining the rank of lieutenant by the time the original faded from view in the late 1950s.

Production Companies Mark VII Ltd., Universal Television. Director Jack Webb. Producer Jack Webb. Teleplay Richard L. Breen. Photography Walter Strenge. Music Lyn Murray. Theme Walter Schumann. Editor Richard Belding. Art Director Richard Kimball. Associate Producer Burt Nodella.

Cast Jack Webb (Sgt. Joe Friday), Harry Morgan (Off. Bill Gannon), Vic Perrin (Don Negler), Virginia Gregg (Mrs. Eve Kruger), Gene Evans (Capt. Hugh Brown), John Roseboro (Sgt. Dave Bradford), Bobby Troup (George Freeman), Tom Williams (Melvin Gannon), Jack Ragotzy (Carl Rockwell), Roger Til (William Smith), Gerald Michenaud (Claude LeBorg), Bruce Watson (Freddie), Herb Ellis (Ricky Markell), Eddie Firestone (Max Shelton), Elizabeth Rogers (Eve Sorenson), Kent McCord (Hotel desk clerk).

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