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A Dream for Christmas

douglas producer hamner cast

(ABC, 12/24/1973, 120 mins). An all-black cast shines in this pilot for a proposed series involving a southern minister who is assigned to a poor parish in California with the congregation drifting away and the church scheduled for demolition. The hope here was for writer Earl Hamner Jr. to repeat his success with “The Waltons.”

Production Company Lorimar Productions. Director Ralph Senensky. Executive Producer Lee Rich. Producer Walter Coblenz. Teleplay John McGreevey, Max Hodge. Based on a Story by Earl Hamner. Photography Frank Phillips. Music David Rose. Editors Anthony Wollner, Bill Mosher, Gene Fowler Jr. Art Director Perry Ferguson II. Associate Producer Neil T. Maffeo.

Cast Hari Rhodes (Rev. Will Douglas), Beah Richards (Grandma Bessie), Lynn Hamilton (Sarah Douglas), George Spell (Joey Douglas), Marlin Adams (Bradley Douglas), Robert DoQui (George Briggs), Ta-Ronce Allen (Emmarine Douglas), Joel Fluellen (Arthur Rogers), Juanita Moore (Fannie Mitchell), Bebe Redcross (Becky Douglas), Clarence Muse (Donald Freeland), Dorothy Meyer (Cousin Clara), Sarina C. Grant (Marge Fuller), Maidie Norman (Jennie Dailey), Dennis Hines (Cotter), Zara Cully (Beth Rogers), Frances E. Williams (Cassie Thomas).

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over 6 years ago

Dear Sirs,

I have been trying to send an email to Earl Hamner (writer of altons series) on his main official he requests that anyone can email him and he will reply.

Unfortunately I have used 3 different email address's of my own but comes back to me as classed as spam, is there any way I can email Mr Hamner so as I can send my story to him. He also helps inspiring young writers that are needing help, maybe his website is out of date but I would like to send this email to him.

Maybe his secretary or agents will beable to help me if I send direct to them first.

Hope you can help me in this matter,

Best regards,

Susan Murray.

I am based in the UK.