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worker paul lang ernest

(CBS, 5/27/1979, 120 mins). The real-life account of an illiterate deaf-and-dumb black youth who was accused of murdering a prostitute and the relationship that developed between him and his court-appointed attorney, who also is deaf, and the events leading up to his precedent-setting trial where he was determined incompetent by the law because his severe handicaps prevented him from defending himself or testifying to his innocence. Filmed in Chicago, “Dummy” was nominated for an Emmy Award.

Production Companies The Konigsberg Company, Warner Bros. Television. Director Frank Perry. Executive Producer Frank Konigsberg. Producers Ernest Tidyman, Sam Manners. Teleplay Ernest Tidyman. Based on a Book by Ernest Tidyman. Photography Gayne Rescher. Music Gil Askey. Editors Benjamin A. Weissman, Donald R. Rode. Art Director William Cassidy.

Cast Paul Sorvino (Lowell Myers), LeVar Burton (Donald Lang), Brian Dennehy (Ragoti), Rose Gregorio (Jean Markin), Gregg Henry (Asst. DA Smith), Steven Williams (Julius Lang), Helen Martin (Mrs. Harrod), Jonathan Pilurs (Detective Romain), Paul Butler (Sgt. Alonzo Hobbs), Frankie Hill (Ernestine Williams), Allen Hamilton (Dr. Romney), Patrick Billingsley (Dr. Morris), James O’Reilly (Judge O’Mara), Ray Price (Black Giant), Tricia Borha (Mrs. Lang), Joe Clarke (Young Donald), Obilo (Husband), Richard Cosentino (Dock worker), Jack Oreno (Weary worker), Wilbert Bradley (Bartender), Holly Robinson (Genettia Lang), Ira Rogers (Reverend Jamison), Samantha Caulfield (Woman expert), Melody Robb (Case worker), Bill Nigut (Chief orderly), Nancy Baird (Teacher), Paul Preston (1st trustee), Irma Riley (Black hooker), Ian Williams (Court clerk), Jimmy Spinks (Bar patron), Frank Heinrich (Male resident), Jobe Cerny (Bailiff), Nathan Davis (Cop), Burton Collins (2nd orderly), Yaumilton Brown (Card player), Lorenzo Clemons (2nd worker), J.J. Butler (Jury foreman), Paul Cook (Grand jury foreman), Bernard Chestleigh (Jail guard).

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