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Earth II

space karger edward allan

(ABC, 11/28/1971, 120 mins). An elaborate space movie focusing on the day-to-day operation of a futuristic space station nation, Earth II, inhabited by 2,000 persons and functioning as a laboratory and an eye in space for Earth I. A soap opera subplot is attached to this imaginative production.

Production Company MGM Television. Director Tom Gries. Producers Allan Balter, William Read Woodfield. Teleplay Allan Balter, William Read Woodfield. Photography Michel Hugo. Music Lalo Schifrin. Editor Henry Berman. Art Director Edward G. Carfagno, George W. Davis.

Cast Gary Lockwood (David Seville), Anthony Franciosa (Frank Karger), Scott Hylands (Jim Capa), Lew Ayres (Pres. Charles Carter Durant), Mariette Hartley (Lisa Karger), Gary Merrill (Walter Dietrich), Hari Rhodes (Dr. Loren Huxley), Inga Swenson (Ilyana Kovalefskii), Brian Dewey (Matt Karger), Edward Bell (Anton Kovalefskii), Diana Webster (Hannah Young), Bart Burns (Steiner), John Carter (Hazlitt), Herbert Nelson (Chairman), Serge Tschernisch (Russian), Vince Cannon (Technician), David Sachs (Surgeon), Bob Hoy (West).

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