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Eleanor and Franklin

roosevelt age edward director

(ABC, 1/11/1976 and 1/12/1976, 2 Parts, 120 mins each, 4 hours). An acclaimed, multi-award-winning production based on Joseph P. Lash’s Pulitzer Prize winning best seller, with the story of the Roosevelts, from early youth to FDR’s death in 1945, told through the recollections of the widowed Eleanor. Chosen Outstanding Special (1975-76 season) at the Emmy Awards, the two-part, four hour film also won Emmys for Daniel Petrie (director), Rosemary Murphy (supporting actress), James Costigan (original teleplay), Paul Lohmann and Edward R. Brown (photography), Joe I. Tompkins (costume design), Del Armstrong and Mike Westmore (makeup), Jan Scott and Anthony Mondello (art director and set director), and Michael Kahn (editor). Neither Jane Alexander nor Edward Herrmann, each nominated, won however, nor did Irene Tedrow or Lilia Skala, both nominated for Best Supporting Actress.

Production Company Talent Associates. Director Daniel Petrie. Executive Producer David Susskind. Producers Audrey Maas, Harry R. Sherman. Teleplay James Costigan. Based on a Biography by Joseph P. Lash. Photography Paul Lohmann. Music John Barry. Editor Michael Kahn. Production Designer Jan Scott.

Cast Jane Alexander (Eleanor Roosevelt [age 18-60]), Edward Herrmann (Franklin D. Roosevelt [age 20-50]), Rosemary Murphy (Sara Delano Roosevelt), Pamela Franklin (Anna Hall), David Huffman (Elliott Roosevelt Sr.), Mackenzie Phillips (Eleanor Roosevelt [age 14]), Lilia Skala (Mlle. Souvestre), Ed Flanders (Louis Howe), Helen Kleeb (Daisy), Peggy McCay (Grace Tully), Anna Lee (Laura Delano), Irene Tedrow (Mary Hall), Devon Ericson (Corinne Robinson), Linda Purl (Alice Roosevelt [age 14-20]), William Edward Phipps (Theodore Roosevelt), Ted Eccles (Franklin Roosevelt [age 16]), Linda Kelsey (Lucy Mercer), Edward Winter (Joe McCall), Sari Price (Mistress of Ceremonies), Timothy Jecko (Presidential aide), Harry Holcombe (Steve Early), Len Wayland (Admiral McIntire), Hilary Stolla (Eleanor Roosevelt [age 2]), Tiffany Boli (Eleanor Roosevelt [age 6]), Shannon Terhune (Eleanor Roosevelt [age 10]), Irene Robinson (Nun), Lindsay Crouse (Marjorie Bennett), Evan Morgan (Bunny Pierpoint), Lidia Kristen (Fraulein Schteiber), Cynthia Latham (Elsbeth McEachern), John Earle Burnett (Hall Roosevelt), Ellen Drake (Maid), Derrick Lynn-Thomas (Conductor), Ned Wilson (Rev. Endicott Peabody), Carl Lester, Nora Heflin, Cherry Davis, Alvin Childress, Teresa Steenhoek, Vaughn Taylor, Arthur Adams, Jack Stauffer, June Whitley Taylor.

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