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Eleanor and Franklin: The White House Years

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(ABC, 3/13/1977, 180 mins). A further look into the lives of F.D.R. and Eleanor Roosevelt during their12-year residence at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, reuniting most of the cast and technical crew responsible for the multiple-award-winning first film (1976). Equally as honored (with 17 Emmy nominations), this film was chosen Outstanding Special of the Year, and Emmy Awards went to director Daniel Petrie, editors Rita Roland and Michael S. McLean, production designer Jan Scott, set decorator Anne D. McCulley, and costume designer Joe I. Tomkins. Nominations also went to Jane Alexander, Edward Herrmann, Rosemary Murphy, Walter McGinn, Mark Harmon, writer James Costigan, composer John Barry, cinematographer James Crabe, and others in several technical categories.

Production Company Talent Associates. Director Daniel Petrie. Executive Producer David Susskind. Producer Harry R. Sherman. Teleplay James Costigan. Based on a Book by Joseph P. Lash. Photography James Crabe. Music John Barry. Editors Michael S. McLean, Rita Roland. Production Designer Jan Scott.

Cast Jane Alexander (Eleanor Roosevelt), Edward Herrmann (Franklin D. Roosevelt), Priscilla Pointer (Missy LeHand), Walter McGinn (Louis Howe), Rosemary Murphy (Sara Delano Roosevelt), Blair Brown (Anna Roosevelt), David Healy (Theodore Roosevelt), Peggy McCay (Grace Tully), Donald Moffat (Harry Hopkins), Toni Darnay (Malvina Thompson), John Beal (Dr. Carr), Barbara Conrad (Marian Anderson), Morgan Farley (Plog), Mark Harmon (Robert Dunlap), Anna Lee (Laura Delano), Linda Kelsey (Lucy Mercer), Colin Hamilton (Ike Hoover), Ray Baker (James Roosevelt), Brian Patrick Clark (John Roosevelt), Don Howard (Elliott Roosevelt), Joseph Hacker (Franklin D. Roosevelt Jr.), Charles Lampkin (Irvin McDuffie), Lindsay Crouse (Marjorie Bennett), Ian Abercrombie (Whiting).

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