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Ellery Queen: Don't Look Behind You

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(NBC, 11/19/1971, 120 mins). Pilot for a prospective new Ellery Queen series, marred by the miscasting of too suave Peter Lawford in the leading role. This film, taken from the 1949 mystery by Queen (pseudonym as well as principal character for Frederick Dannay and Manfred Lee), has the sleuth involved in a series of murders, with victims having numerically descending ages and males being strangled with blue cords, females with pink ones.

Production Company Universal Television. Director Barry Shear. Executive Producer Edward J. Montagne. Producer Leonard J. Ackerman. Teleplay Ted Leighton. Based on a Novel by Ellery Queen. Photography William Margulies. Music Jerry Fielding. Editor Sam E. Waxman. Art Director Alexander A. Mayer.

Cast Peter Lawford (Ellery Queen), Harry Morgan (Insp. Richard Queen), E.G. Marshall (Dr. Cazalis), Skye Aubrey (Christy), Stefanie Powers (Celeste), Coleen Gray (Mrs. Cazalis), Morgan Sterne (Commissioner), Bill Zuckert (Sergeant Velie), Bob Hastings (Hal Hunter), Than Wyenn (Registrar), Bill Zuckert (Lieutenant Summers), Pat Delany (Miss Price), Buddy Lester (Policeman), Tim Herbert, Robin Raymond, Victoria Hale, Billy Sands.

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