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Ellery Queen: Too Many Suspects

john david richard mckell

(NBC, 3/23/1975, 90 mins). An atmospheric whodunit set in the 1940s that involves an author/criminologist in one of the cases stumping his New York City police inspector father the murder of a famed fashion designer. Jim Hutton and David Wayne continued their roles in the subsequent series (1975-76) that also had John Hillerman in a recurring role of pompous radio detective Simon Brimmer (a character not in the Ellery Queen mysteries). Subsequently retitled “Too Many Suspects.”

Production Companies Fairmount-Foxcroft Productions, Universal Television. Director David Greene. Producers Richard Levinson, William Link. Teleplay Richard Levinson, William Link. Based on a Novel by Ellery Queen. Photography Howard R Schwartz. Music Elmer Bernstein. Editor Douglas Stewart. Art Director George C. Webb.

Cast Jim Hutton (Ellery Queen), David Wayne (Insp. Richard Queen), Ray Milland (Carson McKell), Kim Hunter (Marion McKell), Monte Markham (Tom McKell), John Hillerman (Simon Brimmer), John Larch (District Attorney), Tim O’Connor (Ben Waterson), Nancy Mehta (Monica Gray), Warren Berlinger (Eddie Carter), Harry Von Zell (Announcer), Gail Strickland (Gail Stevens), Tom Reese (Sergeant Velie), Victor Mohica (Ramon), Dawn Smith (Cora Edwards), James Lydon (Radio actor), John Finnegan (Matthew Thomas Cleary), Rosanna Huffman (Penny), Basil Hoffman (Fingerprint expert), Ross Elliott (Judge).

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