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Escape from Bogen County

jaclyn henry bank martin

(CBS, 10/7/1977, 120 mins). A tyrannical political kingpin in the Southwest (Mitch Ryan) attempts to keep his young wife (Jaclyn Smith) a virtual prisoner of his power and insane desire to dominate her, stripping her of human and legal rights.

Production Companies Moonlight Productions, Aries Films, Paramount Network Television. Director Steven Hilliard Stern. Executive Producer Howard W. Koch. Producers Frank von Zerneck, Robert Greenwald. Teleplay Judith Parker. Photography Fred Jackman. Music Charles Bernstein. Editor Michael Brown. Art Director Mark Mansbridge.

Cast Jaclyn Smith (Maggie Bowman), Mitchell Ryan (Ambler Bowman), Henry Gibson (Abe Rand), Pat Hingle (Judge Henry Martin), Philip Abbott (Harry Webb), Michael Parks (Jack Kern), Julie Mannix (Emily Martin), John Quade (Sheriff Mason), Fred Willard (Pearson), George Memmoli (Hunnicutt), Douglas Dirkson (Bo Walker), Alan Fudge (Reese Dreux), Debi Storm (Mary Lou), Dave Adams (Bank Teller), Murray Kramer (Will), Marian Gibson (School Principal), Jac Zacha (Minister), Drummond Barclay (Auditor), Curtis Pratt (Banker), Sarah D. Alvarado (Woman in bank).

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