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Evil Roy Slade

jerry marshall stool garry

(NBC, 2/18/1972, 120 mins). A comedy Western involving a rotten outlaw whose villainy knows no bounds, a pretty but bubbleheaded schoolmarm who tries to reform him, and an egotistical singing marshal who is out to capture him. This feature-length film was the second pilot to an unrealized series called “Sheriff Who?” in which the bad guys were the regulars and the good guys and “guest” lawmen were killed off every week.

Production Company Universal Television. Director Jerry Paris. Executive Producer Howie Hurwitz. Producers Garry Marshall, Jerry Belson. Teleplay Garry Marshall, Jerry Belson. Photography Sam Leavitt. Music Jerry Riopelle, Murray MacLeod, Stuart Margolin. Editor Richard M. Sprague. Art Director Alexander A. Mayer.

Cast Mickey Rooney (Nelson Stool), Dick Shawn (Marshal Bing Bell), Henry Gibson (Clifford Stool), Dom DeLuise (Logan Delp), Edie Adams (Flossie), Pam Austin (Betsy Potter), Milton Berle (Harry Fern), John Astin (Evil Roy Slade), Arthur Batanides (Lee), Larry Hankin (Snake), Milton Frome (Foss telegrapher), Luana Anders (Alice Fern), Robert Liberman (Preacher), Edmund Cambridge (Smith), Connie Sawyer (Aggie Potter), Alice Nunn (Claire Beckendorf), Pat Morita (Turhan), Billy Sands (Randolph Sweet), Leonard Barr (Crippled man), Jim Wagerman (Toy cowboy), Pat Buttram (Narrator), Penny Marshall (Bank teller), John Ritter (Souvenir salesman), Jerry Paris (Minister).

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