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The Execution of Private Slovik

william director levinson richard

(NBC, 3/13/1974, 150 mins). Martin Sheen received an Emmy nomination for his portrayal of the only American soldier to be executed for desertion since the Civil War, going to the firing squad in 1945. The film, Emmy-nominated as Outstanding Drama of the 1973-74 season, is a dramatization of William Bradford Huie’s controversial 1954 book which, several years after publication, Frank Sinatra had acquired and planned to film, using a screen adaptation by Albert Maltz, one of Hollywood’s “Unfriendly 10.” Sinatra was later pressured by various groups to drop Maltz; instead he completely abandoned his project. For the TV production, Emmy Award nominations were also given to director Lamont Johnson, writers Levinson and Link, art director Walter Tyler and editor Frank Morriss (who won).

Production Company Universal Television. Director Lamont Johnson. Executive Producers Richard Levinson, William Link. Producer Richard Dubleman. Teleplay Richard Levinson, William Link. Based on a Book by William Bradford Huie. Photography Bill Butler. Music Hal Mooney Editor Frank Morriss. Art Director Walter Tyler.

Cast Martin Sheen (Eddie Slovik), Mariclare Costello (Antoinette Slovik), Ned Beatty (Father Stafford), Gary Busey (Jimmy Feedek), Matt Clark (Dunn), Ben Hammer (Lt. Colonel Leacock), Warren Kemmerling (Major Fellman), Charles Haid (Brockmeyer), Kathryn Grody (Margaret), Paul Lambert (Joe Sirelli), Jon Cedar (Holloway), Joseph George (109th Regiment sergeant), Laurence Haddon (Piper), James Burr-Johnson (NCO), Tom Ligon (Childs), Bill McKinney (Sergeant), Paul Shenar (Crawford), George Sperdakis (Sergeant McCord), William Traylor (Rossiter), Sandy Ward (Enhardt).

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