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(NBC, 6/18/1977, 120 mins). This pilot movie for a proposed sci-fi series is about a professor (David Ackroyd), paralyzed in an attack by syndicate hit men, who creates an exo-suit to make him mobile again—and superhuman.

Production Company Universal Television. Director Richard Irving. Executive Producer Richard Irving. Producer Lionel E. Siegel. Teleplay Henri Simoun, Lionel E. Siegel. Based on a Story by Henri Simoun, Martin Caidin. Photography Enzo A. Martinelli. Music Dana Kaproff. Editor Robert Leeds. Art Director John Corso.

Cast David Ackroyd (Nicholas Conrad), Anne Schedeen (Emily Frost), A Martinez (Raphael Torres), José Ferrer (Kermit Haas), Jack Colvin (Martin), Harry Morgan (Travis), Donald Moffat (Rogers), Kevin McCarthy (DA Kamenski), Jonathan Segal (Eddie Rubinstein), John Moio (Dominic Leandro), Richard Narita (Jim Yamaguchi), Martin Speer (Ted Kamenski), George Sperdakis (Dr. Garrick), Randy Faustino (Larry), Nick David (Jack), Wina Sturgeon (TV Newsman), Eve McVeagh (Eve), W.T. Zacha, Frances Osborne, Greg Barnett, Max Kleven, Terry Leonard, Alan Oliney, John Robotham, Allan Wyatt Jr., Joe Brooks, Norma Storch, Fritz Ford, Chuck Walsh, Wally Rose, Russ Saunders, Bill Lane.

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