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F. Scott Fitzgerald and “The Last of the Belles”

john producer george director

(ABC, 1/7/1974, 120 mins). A dramatization intertwining a part of the lives of the famed American writer and his flamboyant wife with one of the author’s short stories, a semi-fictional account of their first meeting in Montgomery, Alabama, while he was a soldier in 1919.

Production Company Titus Productions. Director George Schaefer. Executive Producer Herbert Brodkin. Producer Robert ‘Buzz’ Berger. Teleplay James Costigan. Photography Edward R. Brown. Music Don Sebesky. Editor Sidney Katz. Choreographer George Bunt. Art Director Jackson DeGovia. Consultant Francis Scott Fitzgerald Smith.

Cast Richard Chamberlain (F. Scott Fitzgerald), Blythe Danner (Zelda Fitzgerald), Susan Sarandon (Ailie Calhoun), David Huffman (Andy McKenna), Ernest Thompson (Earl Shoen), Richard Hatch (Bill Knowles), James Naughton (Capt. John Haines), Leslie Williams (Scottie), Albert Stratton (John Briggs), Alex Sheafe (Philippe), Sascha Von Scherler (Jeanette), Thomas A. Stewart (Horace Canby), Norman Barrs (Waiter), Earl Sydnor (Oliver), Brooke Adams (Kitty Preston), Cynthia Woll, Tom Fitzsimmons, Kate Wilkinson, Jane Hoffman, Dan Browning, J. Don Ferguson, Ralph E. Flanders, Brandon Galloway.

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