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F. Scott Fitzgerald in Hollywood

james robert zelda producer

(ABC, 5/16/1976, 120 mins). Fictionalized drama dealing with the famed novelist’s two markedly contrasting stays in the film capital: first in 1927, at the height of his popularity with the widespread acclaim for “The Great Gatsby,” when he and Zelda dazzled Hollywood; then in 1937, with Zelda in a sanitarium and expenses mounting, when a romance developed with ambitious columnist Sheilah Graham that bolstered him in his bouts with illness and alcoholism. Much of the same creative talent also was involved with the earlier “F. Scott Fitzgerald and The Last of the Belles” (1974). Originally titled “The Screen Test.”

Production Company Titus Productions. Director Anthony Page. Executive Producer Herbert Brodkin. Producer Robert ‘Buzz’ Berger. Teleplay James Costigan. Photography James Crabe. Music Morton Gould. Editor Sidney Katz. Art Director Jackson DeGovia. Production Designer Brian Eatwell.

Cast Jason Miller (F. Scott Fitzgerald), Tuesday Weld (Zelda Fitzgerald), Julia Foster (Sheilah Graham), Dolores Sutton (Dorothy Parker), Susanne Benton (The Starlet), Michael Lerner (Marvin Margulies), Tom Ligon (Alan Campbell), John Randolph (Rupert Wahler), Tom Rosqui (Edwin Knopf), Audrey Christie (Helen/hostess), Hilda Haynes (Maid), Paul Lambert (Lucius Krieger), Joseph Stern (Detmar), Jacque Lynn Colton (“Schwab’s” waitress), Norma Connolly (Zelda’s nurse), Sarah Cunningham (Mrs. Taft), James Woods (Lenny Schoenfeld), Robert E. Ball (Short hobo), Jim Boles (Studio guard), Herb Carter (Tall hobo), Aileen Fitzpatrick (Lurene), Arthur Franz (Man at party), Robert Gibbons (Mortician), James Hall (Bellboy), Jay Hamner (Young writer), Stuart Nisbet (Hotel clerk), Buddy Ochoa (Wahler associate), Jessica Rains (Airport waitress), Robert Redding (Drugstore cowboy), Hank Rolike (Redcap), Ed Short (Porter), Reggie Valencia (Producer at pool).

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