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A Family Upside Down

mapes productions joseph astin

(NBC, 4/9/1978, 120 mins). Fred Astaire won an Emmy Award as Best Actor and Helen Hayes received a nomination as Best Actress for their performances as a retired house painter and his loving wife of 40 years who face an emotional crisis when he has a heart attack that makes both of them dependent on their grown children and leads to a separation. Efrem Zimbalist Jr. and Patty Duke Astin also were cited for their acting with Emmy Award nominations, as was cinematographer Joseph Biroc.

Production Companies Ross Hunter Productions, Jacque Mapes Productions, Paramount Network Television. Director David Lowell Rich. Producers Jacque Mapes, Ross Hunter. Teleplay Gerald DiPego. Photography Joseph Biroc. Editor Richard Bracken. Music Henry Mancini. Art Director Preston Ames. Associate Producer Marvin Miller. Costumes Guy Verhille.

Cast Helen Hayes (Emma Long), Fred Astaire (Ted Long), Efrem Zimbalist Jr. (Mike Long), Pat Crowley (Carol Long), Patty Duke Astin (Wendy), Brad Rearden (Scott Long), Gary Swanson (Instructor), David Haskell (Painter), Ford Rainey (Charlie Case), Jim Montoya (Waiter), Kim Hamilton (Paula), Norwood Smith (Wes Allen), Miiko Taka (Mrs. Taka), Belinda Palmer (Rhoda), Karl Held (Al/Wendy’s husband), Phillip R. Allen (Dr. Russo), Charles Walker II (Aide), Gail Landry (Candy Striper), Bob Marsic (Dave), Lanna Saunders (Mrs. Lovell), Ernestine Barrier (Mrs. Willy), Nolan Leary (Mr. Willy), Peter Rich (Florist), Matthew Tobin (Dr. Chisholm), Owen Cunningham (Frank).

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