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The FBI Story: The FBI Versus Alvin Karpis, Public Enemy Number One

agent martin producer quinn

(CBS, 11/8/1974, 120 mins). The title tells it all in this meticulously restaged first film in a series by producer Quinn Martin based on landmark FBI cases. Through the 1978-79 season, only two others followed, indicating perhaps that Martin lost interest or Bureau cooperation. Subsequently retitled “The FBI Story Alvin Karpis.”

Production Companies Quinn Martin Productions, Warner Bros. Television. Director Marvin J Chomsky. Executive Producer Quinn Martin. Producer Philip Saltzman. Teleplay Calvin Clements Jr. Photography Jacques R. Marquette. Music Duane Tatro. Editor Jerry Young. Art Director James D. Vance. Associate Producer Bernard R. Goodman.

Cast Robert Foxworth (Alvin Karpis), David Wayne (Maynard Richards), Kay Lenz (Shirley), Gary Lockwood (Fred Barker), Anne Francis (Colette), Chris Robinson (Earl Anderson), Harris Yulin (J. Edgar Hoover), Eileen Heckart (Ma Barker), James Gammon (Alex Denton), Robert Emhardt (Dr.Willards), Alexandra Hay (Vicky Clinton), Janice Lynde (Bernice Griffiths), Charles Cyphers (Arthur “Doc” Barker), Gerald McRaney (Smith), Fred Sadoff (Frank), Kelly Thordsen (Chief of Detectives), Whit Bissell (Senator McKellar), Lenore Kasdorf (Rita), Charles Bateman (1st aide), Mark Roberts (2nd aide), Byron Mabe (West), Betty Anne Rees (Mary), Robert Patten (1st Washington agent), Arch Whiting (3rd Little Rock agent), Eric Scott (Bert), Claudia Bryar (Landland), Jeff Davis (Atlantic City officer), John Cilgreen (Sergeant Roland), Queenie Smith (Flora), Bill Zuckert (Sheriff C.R. Kelly), Dallas Mitchell (1st Little Rock agent), James B. Sikking (New Orleans SAC), Donovan Jones (2nd Little Rock agent), Richard Roat (2nd Washington agent), William Conrad (Narrator).

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