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The Feminist and the Fuzz

lady liberation director david

(ABC, 1/26/1971, 90 mins). A familiar TV sitcom plot that makes roommates of dedicated women’s libber Barbara Eden and male chauvinist cop David Hartman.

Production Company Columbia Pictures Television. Director Jerry Paris. Producer Claudio Guzman. Teleplay James Henerson. Photography Emil Oster. Music Allyn Ferguson, Jack Elliot. Editor Bud Molin. Art Director Phillip Bennett, Ross Bellah. Associate Producer Joseph Goodson.

Cast Barbara Eden (Dr. Jane Bowers), David Hartman (Off. Jerry Frazer), Jo Anne Worley (Dr. Debby Inglefinger), Herbert Edelman (Wyatt Foley), Julie Newmar (Lilah McGuinness), John McGiver (Warren Sorenson), Farrah Fawcett (Kitty Murdock), Harry Morgan (Dr. Horace Bowers), Roger Perry (Dr. Howard Lassiter), Arthur Batanides (Joe), Sheila James (Liberation Lady), Jill Choder (Liberation Lady), Merri Robinson (Liberation Lady), Penny Marshall (Liberation Lady), Patti Chandler (Liberation Lady), Amanda Pepper (Liberation Lady), Judy March (Patty Regan), David Chow (Karate instructor), Dick Balduzzi (1st man), Pepper Martin (Room director), Patricia Winters (Lady), Lyla Graham (Mother), John Garwood (2nd man), Cliff Emmich (Key holder).

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