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Fireball Forward

sergeant colonel producer gazzara

(ABC, 3/5/1972, 120 mins). A standard war movie that not only has stalwart Ben Gazzara taking over a hard-luck division at the front but also utilizes lots of extra footage from “Patton,” which Frank McCarthy, producer of that movie and this, had in abundance.

Production Company Twentieth Century Fox Television. Director Marvin J Chomsky. Producer Frank McCarthy. Teleplay Edmund H. North. Photography Robert L. Morrison. Music Lionel Newman. Theme song “The Longest Day” by Paul Anka. Editors Charles Freeman, Harry Coswick, Pembroke J. Herring. Art Directors Bill Malley, Jack Martin Smith.

Cast Ben Gazzara (Maj. Gen Joe Barrett), Ricardo Montalban (Jean Duval), Anne Francis (Helen Sawyer), Dana Elcar (Colonel Talbot), Edward Binns (Corps commander), Morgan Paull (Sgt. Andrew Collins), Curt Lowens (Captain Bauer), L.Q. Jones (Major Larkin), Eddie Albert (Col. Douglas Graham), Robert Patten (Colonel Avery), Richard Yniguez (Capt. Tony Sanchez), Kenneth Tobey (General Dawson), Don Eitner (Sergeant Brock), John Gruber (Doctor), Stanley Beck (MP sergeant), Dick Valentine (Colonel Fowler), Joseph Perry (1st GI), Hank Jones (MP private), Jerry Fogel (Signal Corpsman), Neil Schwartz (Cook), Henry Brown (Wounded soldier), Klair Bybee (First Lieutenant), James Secrest (Signal Corps sergeant), Brent Davis (Second Lieutenant), Ilze Taurins (Mme. Accard), Bob Golden (Sergeant), Buck Holland (2nd GI), Dan Keough (Supply sergeant).

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