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(ABC, 1/2/1973, 90 mins). Conflict erupts within a close-knit engine company of a big city fire department when a black recruit and a bigoted white veteran clash during a wave of suspected arson in the ghetto. Pilot to the short-lived series that began a run in January 1974, with James Drury (replacing Vince Edwards) and Richard Jaeckel.

Production Companies Dick Berg-Stonehenge Productions, Metromedia Producers Corp. Director Alex March. Executive Producer Dick Berg. Producer Joe Manduke. Teleplay Frank Cucci. Photography Alan Stensvold. Music Tom Scott. Editor John A. Martinelli. Art Director Rodger Maus. Associate Producer John A. Ireland.

Cast Richard Roundtree (Shelly Forsythe), Vince Edwards (Spike Ryerson), Andrew Duggan (Capt. Jim Parr), Richard Jaeckel (Hank Myers), Sheila E. Frazier (Michelle Forsythe), Val Avery (Sonny Caputo), Paul LeMat (Bill Dalzell), Michael Lerner (Ernie Bush), Mel Scott (Mamu), Howard Curtis (Eddie Doyle), Joshua Shelley (Mr. Warneche/landlord), Alma Beltran (Spanish lady), Mwako Cumbuka (Clarence), Ty Henderson (Bobby), Dewayne Jessie (Oldest boy), Bobby Johnson (Bartender), Scott A. Smith (Battalion chief).

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