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The First 36 Hours of Dr. Durant

nurse scott katherine silliphant

(ABC, 5/13/1975, 90 mins). An idealistic young surgical resident (Canadian actor Scott Hylands) confronts the realities of medical ethics with a life and a career at stake during his first hectic hours on call at a big city hospital. Onetime Hollywood star Dana Andrews has a special cameo appearance as one of the senior doctors.

Production Company Columbia Pictures Television. Director Alexander Singer. Executive Producer Stirling Silliphant. Producer James H. Brown. Teleplay Stirling Silliphant. Photography Gerald Perry Finnerman. Music Leonard Rosenman. Editor Jack Kampschroer. Art Directors Robert Purcell, Ross Bellah.

Cast Scott Hylands (Dr. Chris Durant), Lawrence Pressman (Dr. Konrad Zane), Katherine Helmond (Nurse Katherine Gunther), Karen Carlson (Nurse Olive Olin), Renne Jarrett (Dr. Lynn Peterson), Alex Henteloff (Dr. Alex Keefer), Dana Andrews (Dr. Hutchins), Michael Conrad (Graham), Peter Donat (Dr. Bryce), David Doyle (Dr. Atkinson), James Naughton (Dr. Baxter), Dennis Patrick (Mr. Wesco), Joyce Jameson (Mrs. Graham), Janet Brandt (Surgical secretary), Davis Roberts (Dr. Dorsett).

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