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First You Cry

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(CBS, 11/8/1978, 120 mins). Dramatization of the true story of NBC new correspondent Betty Rollin and her experience with a mastectomy that shook her emotions, her marriage, and her outlook on life. Fredric March’s widow, Florence Eldridge, made a rare acting appearance as Rollin’s mother in one of the only jobs she has ever taken without her husband. The film received four Emmy Award nominations: Outstanding Drama, Best Actress in a Special, Music Score and Editing.

Production Company MTM Enterprises. Director George Schaefer. Producer Philip Barry. Teleplay Carmen Culver. Based on the Autobiography by Betty Rollin. Photography Edward R. Brown. Music Peter Matz. Editor James Galloway. Art Director Albert Heschong.

Cast Mary Tyler Moore (Betty Rollin), Anthony Perkins (Arthur Herzog), Richard Crenna (David Towers), Jennifer Warren (Erica Wells), Richard Dysart (Dr. Brennerman), Don Johnson (Daniel Easton), Florence Eldridge (Mrs. Rollin), Patricia Barry (Anne), Antoinette Bower (Marsha), James A Watson Jr. (Cal Connors), Donald Bishop (Dr. Sanford Elby), Robin Pearson Rose (Robin), William Lanteau (Notions clerk), Vivi Janis (Martha), Carole Hemingway (Interviewer), Sari Price (Correspondent), Eda Reiss Merin (Saleswoman), Leigh Hamilton (Party guest).

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