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Flesh and Blood

reporter ringside north john

(CBS, 10/14/1979 and 10/16/1979, 2 Parts, 120 mins each, 4 hours). Young street tough-turned boxer struggles to reach the top while finding his romance with an attractive TV reporter is complicated by an incestuous relationship with his mother. This two-part drama based on Pete Hamill’s 1977 novel was Tom Berenger’s first important television role and offered a surprising change of pace for Suzanne Pleshette in her being cast as his mother. John Cassavetes, as the dedicated fight manager, received an Emmy Award nomination as Best Supporting Actor. Somehow overlooked was ace cinematographer Vilmos Zsigmond’s contribution.

Production Companies The Jozak Company, Cypress Point Productions, Paramount Network Television. Director Jud Taylor. Executive Producer Gerald W. Abrams. Producer Herbert Hirschman. Teleplay Eric Bercovici. Based on the Novel by Pete Hamill. Photography Vilmos Zsigmond. Music Billy Goldenberg. Editor Gerald J. Wilson. Production Designer Bill Hiney. Associate Producer Ervin Zavada.

Cast Tom Berenger (Bobby Fallon), Mitchell Ryan (Jack Fallon), Kristin Griffith (Michelle Gordon), Denzel Washington (Kirk), Suzanne Pleshette (Kate Fallon), John Cassavetes (Gus Caputo), Anthony Charnota (Freddie/trainer), Bert Remsen (Joe Jorgenson), Dolph Sweet (Thompson), Ji-Tu Cumbuka (Woody Shaw), Robert Minor (Walker Lewis), Peter Hobbs (Sergeant Corrigan), Stack Pierce (Big Moony), Jack Rader (Charlie), Bill Elliott (Arthur Young), Sam Weisman (Lou Stevens), Alvaro Lopez (Munoz), Frank Mugnolo (Carmine), Mike Arcesi (Stockwood), Chuck Hicks (Kingsize), John Hudkins (Bartender), Walter Olkewicz (1st fat guy), Gene Lebell (2nd fat guy), James Brewer (1st cop), Ted White (2nd cop), Felix Shuman (Gloves official), Felix Billingsley (Older official), Jerome Landfield (Man in dressing room), Eddy Dono (North referee), Marques D. Houston (Raymond North), Nathan Davis (North announcer), Ernest Robinson (North corner), James Andelin (Harding), John Roselius (Soldier Bartlett), Leo Ranieri (Bartlett referee), Joe Rodgers (Reporter), Edward Grennan (Lewis announcer), Stan Berg (Lewis referee), Charles Warfield (Curly Anderson), Nathaniel Morgan (Anderson referee), Al De Rose (Anderson corner), Luca Bercovici (Bellhop), Van Allen (Doctor), Bob Smith (Ringside reporter), Tony Quintana (Ringside reporter), Edwin Jahiel (Ringside Reporter), Clarence Davidson (Ringside reporter), Paul Napier (TV producer), Pat Corley (Madison Square Garden reporter), Michael Evans (Fight reporter), Bill Henderson (Fight reporter), Paul Tuerpe (Fight reporter).

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