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Flight to Holocaust

rescue robert worker williams

(NBC, 3/27/1977, 120 mins). Professional troubleshooters, led by Patrick Wayne (son of The Duke), are called to a skyscraper where a private plane has crashed and is lodged in the side of the building at the 20th floor level.

Production Companies A.C. Lyles Productions, First Artists Production Company, NBC Productions. Director Bernard L Kowalski. Producer A.C. Lyles. Teleplay Anthony Lawrence, Robert Heverly. Created by A.C. Lyles. Based on a Story by Robert Heverly. Photography Matthew F. Leonetti. Music Paul Williams. Theme song performed by Paul Williams. Editor Mike Vejar. Art Director Lyle Wheeler. Special Effects Joe Unsinn.

Cast Patrick Wayne (Les Taggart), Christopher Mitchum (Mark Gates), Fawne Harriman (Scotty March), Desi Arnaz Jr. (Rick Bender), Sid Caesar (George Beam), Rory Calhoun (Ed Davis/engineer), Greg Morris (Dr. Jeff Evans), Lloyd Nolan (Wilton Bender), Paul Williams (Colorado Davis), Robert Patten (Gordon Stokes), Anne Schedeen (Linda Michaels), Bill Baldwin (TV commentator), Kathrine Baumann (Sheila Waters), Shirley O’Hara (Mrs. Bender), Argentina Brunetti (Woman in elevator), John Dewey Carter (Crew chief), Bob Hoy (Fire Rescue chief), Don Reid (Tom Lewis), Bill Deiz (Reporter), Louie Elias (Ernie Roberts), Marilyn Fox (Nurse), Robert Gooden (George Balford), Barry Hamilton (Rescue worker), Victor Izay (Emmett Darby), Ed McCready (Rescue worker), Michael J Reynolds (Elevator rescue worker), Mike Wagner (Daddy), Mary Watson (Rescue worker).

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