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(NBC, 11/24/1976, 120 mins). Irwin Allen’s first made-for-TV disaster movie follows the course charted by its wide-screen big brothers, only this time it’s a small town about to be devastated by a flood when a faulty dam bursts. At a reported cost of $2.5 million, this was, according to network publicity, the most expensive film made to that time for television. A companion Irwin Allen movie called “Fire!” was aired several weeks later, and then each was trimmed to 90 minutes and rerun as a TV double-bill subsequently. This movie’s formal title was “Irwin Allen’s Production of ‘Flood.’”

Production Companies Irwin Allen Productions, Warner Bros. Television. Director Earl Bellamy. Executive Producer Irwin Allen. Teleplay Don Ingalls. Photography Lamar Boren. Music Richard LaSalle. Editor Bill Brame. Production Designer Stan Jolley.

Cast Robert Culp (Steve Banning), Martin Milner (Paul Blake), Barbara Hershey (Mary Cutler), Richard Basehart (John Cutler), Carol Lynley (Abbie Adams), Roddy McDowall (Franklin [Fisherman]), Cameron Mitchell (Sam Adams), Eric Olson (Andy Cutler), Teresa Wright (Alice Cutler), Francine York (Daisy Kempel), Whit Bissell (Dr. Ted Horne), James Griffith (Charlie Davis), Ann Doran (Emma Fisher), Leif Garrett (Johnny Lowman), Jack Collins (Al Spangler), Elizabeth Rogers (Nancy Lowman), Edna Helton (Mrs. Wilson), Gloria Stuart (Mrs. Parker).

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