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Flying High

stewardess bellagio martin boyer

(CBS, 8/28/1978, 120 mins). The pilot movie for the subsequent short lived series (beginning a month later) dealing with the adventures of three airline stewardesses who became fast friends after surviving their “stew” training.

Production Company Mark Carliner Productions. Director Peter H. Hunt. Producer Mark Carliner. Teleplay Dawn Aldredge, Martin Cohan. Photography William K Jurgensen. Music Jonathan Tunick. Theme song by David Shire. Editor Carroll Sax. Art Director Ray Storey. Associate Producer Robin S. Clark.

Cast Kathryn Witt (Pam Bellagio), Patricia Klous (Marcy Bower), Connie Sellecca (Lisa Benton), Howard Platt (Capt. Robert March), Marcia Wallace (Connie Martin), Jim Hutton (Paul Mitchell), David Hayward (Burt Stahl), Martin Speer (Bagranditello Jr.), Val Bisoglio (Papa Bagranditello), Lynn Marie Johnston (Sally Boyer), Richard Hack (Desk clerk), Casey Biggs (Dale), Carmen Zapata (Mrs. Bellagio), Lilyan Chauvin (Miss Simmons), Louis Zito (Tony Bellagio), Catherine Campbell (1st stewardess trainee), Cyndi James Reese (2nd stewardess trainee), Victoria Shaw (Computer expert), Karen Rushmore (Kathy), Rita Wilson (Debbie), Marianne Bunch (Ruth), Derrick Lynn-Thomas (Man in line), Brion James (Clyde Boyer), Steve Shaw (Phil), Janear Hines (Security officer), Ann Higgins (Stewardess).

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