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Foster and Laurie

producer charles perry book

(CBS, 11/13/1975, 120 mins). This was a film chronicle of the true life story of two New York City patrolmen who were killed in a brutal ambush in 1972, victims of militant extremists attempting to create a wave of terror in the police department. Adapted from Al Silverman’s 1974 book.

Production Company Charles Fries Productions. Director John Llewellyn Moxey. Executive Producer Charles Fries. Producer Arthur Stolnitz. Teleplay Albert Ruben. Based on a Book by Al Silverman. Photography John M. Nicholaus. Music Lalo Schifrin. Editor Bud S. Isaacs. Art Director Perry Ferguson II. Associate Producer Tony Ganz. Costumes Grady Hunt.

Cast Perry King (Rocco Laurie), Dorian Harewood (Gregory Foster), Talia Shire (Adelaide Laurie), Jonelle Allen (Jacqueline Foster), Roger Aaron Brown (Sims), Victor Campos (Dealer), Rene Enriquez (Mr. Rosario), Charles Haid (Sergeant Bray), Eric Laneuville (Max), Owen Hithe Pace (Johnson), David Proval (Ianucci), Wallace Rooney (Commissioner), Edward Walsh (Sergeant Petrie), James Woods (Addict).

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