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Francis Gary Powers: The True Story of the U-2 Spy Incident

charles robert james allen

(NBC, 9/29/1976, 120 mins). A dramatization of the historic U-2 incident in which a CIA spy pilot was shot down over the Soviet Union in the early 1960s and brought to trial. Powers ultimately was returned to the United States in a prisoner swap, and during the later years he became a helicopter traffic reporter for a Los Angeles radio station. He was killed in a helicopter crash while on duty in late 1977.

Production Companies Charles Fries Productions, NBC Productions. Director Delbert Mann. Executive Producer Charles Fries. Producers Edward J. Montagne, John B. Bennett. Teleplay Robert E. Thompson. Based on the Autobiography by Francis Gary Powers with Curt Gentry. Photography Vilis Lapenieks. Music Gerald Fried. Editor Sam E. Waxman. Art Director Walter Scott Herndon.

Cast Lee Majors (Francis Gary Powers), Noah Beery (Oliver Powers), Nehemiah Persoff (Rudenko), Brooke Bundy (Mrs. Powers), William Daniels (Bissell), James Gregory (James Donovan), Marcel Hillaire (DeGaulle), Alf Kjellin (Ivan Vasilev), Biff McGuire (John McCone), Jim McMullan (Robert Kennedy), David Opatoshu (Grinev), Charles Knox Robinson (Wheatley), Lew Ayres (Allen Dulles), Katherine Bard (Ida Powers), James Flavin (Dwight Eisenhower), Thayer David (Nikita Khruschev), Fletcher Allen, Ben Astar, William H. Bassett, Booth Colman, Robert Doyle, Bob Hastings, Curt Lowens, Nelson Demsted, Raymond Singer, Lili Valenty, Bruno Wintzell.

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