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dan robert delacey monster

(ABC, 1/16/1973 and 1/17/1973, 2 Parts, 90 mins each, 3 hours). Dan Curtis’ retelling of the all-time Gothic horror classic, one of the favorite subjects among moviemakers. Robert Foxworth played Dr. Frankenstein, and Bo Svenson the Monster. This was a two-parter shown in 90-minute segments on successive nights as part of ABC’s late night “Wide World of Mystery” series.

Production Company Dan Curtis Productions. Director Glenn Jordan. Producer Dan Curtis. Teleplay Sam Hall, Richard Landau. Based on the Novel by Mary Shelley. Photography Ben Colman. Music Bob Cobert. Editor Dennis Virkler. Art Director Trevor Williams.

Cast Robert Foxworth (Dr. Victor Frankenstein), Susan Strasberg (Elizabeth Clerval), Bo Svenson (Monster), Heidi Vaughn (Agatha DeLacey), Philip Bourneuf (Alphonse Frankenstein), Robert Gentry (Henri Clerval), Jon Lormer (Charles DeLacey), William Hansen (Professor Waldman), John Karlen (Otto Roget), George Morgan (Hugo), Brian Avery (Felix DeLacey), Malila Saint Duval (Safie), Willie Aames (William Frankenstein), Rosella Olson (Bride of the Monster), Edgar Daniels (Innkeeper), Edgar Justice (Mayor).

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