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Frankenstein: The True Story

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(NBC, 11/30/1973 and 12/1/1973, 2 Parts, 120 mins each, 4 hours). A literate retelling of Mary Shelley’s Gothic horror classic with the accent here on character instead of terror, establishing an offbeat relationship between the doctor and his creature. Subsequently this film was edited down to two hours or so for theatrical showings overseas and for TV syndication in the United States.

Production Company Universal Television. Director Jack Smight. Producer Hunt Stromberg Jr. Teleplay Christopher Isherwood, Don Bachardy. Based on the Novel by Mary Shelley. Photography Arthur Ibbetson. Music Gil Melle. Editor Richard Marden. Art Director Fred Carter, Wilfrid J. Shingleton.

Cast James Mason (Dr. Polidori), Leonard Whiting (Dr. Victor Frankenstein), David McCallum (Henri Clerval), Jane Seymour (Agatha/Prima), Nicola Pagett (Elizabeth Fanschawe), Michael Sarrazin (The Creature), Michael Wilding (Sir Richard Fanschawe), Clarissa Kaye (Lady Fanschawe), Agnes Moorehead (Mrs. Blair), Margaret Leighton (Francoise Du Val), Ralph Richardson (Mr. Lacey), John Gielgud (Chief Constable), Tom Baker (Sea Captain), Dallas Adams (Felix), Julian Barnes (Young man), Arnold Diamond (Passenger in coach), Norman Rossington (Seaman).

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