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The French Atlantic Affair

john jean paul joy

(ABC, 11/15/1979 to 11/18/1979, 3 Parts, 120 mins each, 6 hours). There’s terror on the high seas when cult leader Telly Savalas and his fanatic followers, among whom is devoted Shelley Winters, seize a luxury liner commanded by Louis Jourdan and hold a stellar roster of film and TV luminaries for a ransom of $70 million in gold. Chad Everett is a successful novelist whose earlier sympathetic piece on the cult head makes him the candidate to play the hero and save the passengers. A three-part, six-hour tale based on Ernest Lehman’s 1977 novel. ABC had its high hopes for the first of its miniseries (since “Roots” and “Rich Man, Poor Man”) dashed by audience apathy star-power to the contrary and it was to be more than a year before the network again tested the waters of the genre. Phill Norman won an Emmy Award for his title graphics and design.

Production Companies MGM Television, Aaron Spelling Productions. Director Doug Heyes. Executive Producers Aaron Spelling, Douglas S. Cramer. Producer Robert Mintz. Supervising Producer E. Duke Vincent. Teleplay Doug Heyes. Based on the Novel by Ernest Lehman. Photography Ralph B. Woolsey. Music John Addison. Supervising Editor Allan Jacobs. Editors Jamie Caylor, Tom Stevens. Production Designer Serge Krizman. Graphic Design and Titles Phill Norman.

Cast Jean-Pierre Aumont (Chief Jean-Claude Raffin), Horst Bucholz (Dr. Chabot), James Coco (Sauvinage), Chad Everett (Harold Columbine), José Ferrer (President Broussard), John Houseman (Archady Clemens), Carolyn Jones (Peg), Richard Jordan (Julian Wunderlicht), Louis Jourdan (Capt. Charles Girodt), Michelle Phillips (Jennie Barber), Marie-France Pisier (Lisa), Donald Pleasence (Max Dechambre), John Rubinstein (Herb Kleinfeld), Telly Savalas (Craig Dunleavy), Stella Stevens (Louise Crawford), Shelley Winters (Helen Wabash), Rebecca Balding (Harriet Kleinfeld), Patricia Barry (Bee), Lance LeGault (Lester Foyles), William Lucking (Don Crawford), Nehemiah Persoff (Colonel Schreiner), Dane Clark (J. Elton Knox), Dennis Dimster (Billy Columbine), Richard Anderson (Terence Crown), Corinne Calvet (Madame Broussard), Lee deBroux (Keegan), Doug Heyes Jr. (John), John Fitzpatrick (Maxwell), Michael Carr (Thomas), John Shearin (David), Dan O’Brien (Abraham), Dennis Howard (Brian Joy), Harvey Jason (Plessier), Dana Hill (Maggie Joy), Bruce French (Specht), Jean-Paul Vignon (Pierre DeMarchant), Army Archerd (Stanford Whitman), Martin Costi (Brother Paul), Mark Gorman (Wendel Cornin), Paul Verdier (Claude), Peter Schrum (Bobo), Deborah Benson (Betty), Melissa Converse (Mrs. Joy), Francis X. McCarthy (Tony), Ellen Blake (Tony’s wife), Duane Grey (Fleishman), Jacqueline Beer (Madame Grilley), Kenneth White (Barney), Peter Mamakus (Otto Lanier), Gwen Van Dam (Barney’s wife), Erik Holland (Detective), John Parre (Controller), Jerry Dunphy (Himself), M. Emmet Walsh (Harry), James Jeter (Earl), Edith Fields, Andre Chappuis, Louis de Farra, Roger Etienne, Andre Landzaat, Roberta Storm, Michael Currie, Stanley Grover, Todd Martin, Curt Lowens, Phillippe Leotard, Maurice Marsac, Roger Til, Billy Beck, Sandy Ignon, Patrick Gorman.

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