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Friendly Fire

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(ABC, 4/22/1979, 180 mins). Drama about a rural American couple who become increasingly embittered as they cope with governmental indifference in their search for the truth behind the death of their son in Vietnam—killed by friendly fire from American artillery. Based on C.D.B. Bryan’s 1976 book about war activist Peg Mullen. Emmy Awards: Outstanding Drama, Best Director (David Greene), Best Music Score (Leonard Rosenman), Outstanding Film Sound Editing (William H. Wistrom). The stars Carol Burnett and Ned Beatty also were nominated, as was writer Fay Kanin.

Production Company Marble Arch Productions. Director David Greene. Executive Producer Martin Starger. Producers Fay Kanin, Philip Barry. Teleplay Fay Kanin. Based on a Book by C.D.B. Bryan. Photography Harry J. May. Music Leonard Rosenman. Editor Michael Economou. Art Directors Kirk Axtell, Lawrence G. Paull.

Cast Carol Burnett (Peg Mullen), Ned Beatty (Gene Mullen), Sam Waterston (C.D.B. Bryan), Dennis Erdman (Michael Mullen), Timothy Hutton (John Mullen), Fanny Spies (Pat Mullen), Sherry Hursey (Mary Mullen), Michael Flanagan (Father Shimon), Hilly Hicks (Willis Huddleston), William Jordan (Col. Byron Schindler), Vernon Weddle (Colonel Georgi), Jack Rader (Sergeant Fitzgerald), Robert Wahler (Alan Hulting), David Keith (Young Hamilton), Bernard Behrens (Dietrich), Ford Rainey (Hamilton), Phillip R. Allen (Ralph Jenner), Mark L. Taylor (Captain Bannock), Jenny Sullivan (Mrs. Bryan), Sierra Pecheur (Mrs. Hamilton), Charles Cyphers (Tom Loomis), Nicolas Coster (Carl), Steve Bonino (Prince), Dan Shor, Robert Broyles, Jerry Hardin, Craig Shreeve, Joseph G. Medalis, Norman Bartold, Paul Baxley, Kevin Hooks, Jorge Cervera Jr., Woody Eney, Mary Gregory, Henry Brown, Marcia Shepard, Michael Bond, Steve Benedict, Charles Bracy, Warren Munson, John Hillner, Cosie Costa, Hank Ross, Wyatt Knight, Kevin Geer, Frank Bruno, Demetre Phillips, Virginia Kiser, Macon McCalman, Joe Lowry.

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