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From Here to Eternity

corporal wood robert natalie

(NBC, 2/14/1979 to 2/28/1979, 3 Parts, 120 mins each, 6 hours). An expanded six-hour new version of the 1953 movie classic taken from James Jones’ memorable first novel (1951) dealing with military life in Hawaii on the eve of the attack on Pearl Harbor. The Burt Lancaster-Deborah Kerr-Montgomery Clift-Frank Sinatra-Donna Reed roles were here played by (respectively) William Devane, Natalie Wood, Steve Railsbach, Joe Pantoliano and Kim Basinger. A series which spun off from this miniseries was planned for the fall of 1979 with William Devane and Roy Thinnes continuing their roles and Barbara Hershey taking over for Natalie Wood.

Production Companies Bennett-Katleman Productions, Columbia Pictures Television. Director Buzz Kulik. Executive Producers Harris Katleman, Harve Bennett. Producer Buzz Kulik. Supervising Producer Harold Gast. Teleplay Don McGuire, Harold Gast. Based on the Novel by James Jones. Based on the Screenplay by Daniel Taradash. Photography Gerald Perry Finnerman. Music Walter Scharf. Songs performed by Helen O’Connell, The Modernaires. Editor Les Green, Michael B. Hoggan, Robert L Swanson. Art Directors Robert Peterson, Ross Bellah. Production Supervisor Carl Pingitore. Costumes Grady Hunt.

Cast Natalie Wood (Karen Holmes), William Devane (Sgt. Milt Warden), Steve Railsback (Pvt. Robert E Lee Prewitt), Roy Thinnes (Capt. Dana Holmes), Joe Pantoliano (Angelo Maggio), Kim Basinger (Lorene Rogers), Peter Boyle (Fatso Judson), Will Sampson (Corporal Cheney), Rick Hurst (PFC Hanson), Salome Jens (Gert Kipfer), Andrew Robinson (Sgt. Maylon Stark), David Spielberg (Lieutenant Ross), Richard Venture (Col. Jake Delbart), Andy Griffith (Gen. Barnet Slater), Richard Bright (Sergeant Doehm), Christopher Murney (Corporal Lewis), Gene Scherer (Corporal Kowalski), John Crawford (Major Thompson), Wynn Irwin (Corporal Leva), Morgan Kesler (Violet), Ron Max (Sergeant McKay), Kenneth White (Sergeant Preem), Gary Swanson (Corporal Herbert), Dea St. Lamount (Della), Jonathan B. Woodward (Chip Holmes), Mariko Tse (Zola), Donegan Smith (Hal), Russ Marin (Tommy), Robert Davi (Guard), Jerry Day (Soldier Red), Sally Kim (Suzie), Bebe Louie (Raven), Clem Low (Sam the Cabbie), Karin Mani (Tawny), Vicky Perry (Colleen), Julia Sabre (China), Allen Wood (Doctor), Carmen Argenziano, Tech Murdock, Jonathan LaPage, Ray Girardin, Charles Parks.

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