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The Gathering

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(ABC, 12/4/1977, 120 mins). A crusty businessman (Edward Asner), facing his last Christmas, makes an 11th hour attempt to pull together the family he shattered by allowing them to become second to his work and that he left years earlier. Emmy winner as Outstanding Special of 1977-78, with nominations also going to Maureen Stapleton, director Randal Kleiser, writer James Poe, production designer Jan Scott and set decorator Anne D. McCulley.

Production Company Hanna-Barbera Productions. Director Randal Kleiser. Executive Producer Joseph Barbera. Producer Harry R. Sherman. Teleplay James Poe. Photography Dennis Dalzell. Music John Barry. Editor Allan Jacobs. Production Designer Jan Scott. Associate Producer Terry Morse Jr.

Cast Edward Asner (Adam Thornton), Maureen Stapleton (Kate Thornton), Rebecca Balding (Julie Pelham), Sarah Cunningham (Clara), Bruce Davison (George Pelham), Veronica Hamel (Helen Thornton), Gregory Harrison (Bud Thornton), James Karen (Bob Block), Lawrence Pressman (Tom Thornton), John Randolph (Dr. John Hodges), Gail Strickland (Peggy Thornton), Edward Winter (Roger), Stephanie Zimbalist (Toni Thornton), John Hubbard (Reverend Powell), Mary Bradley Marable (Mary/maid), Maureen Readinger (Tiffany), Ronald Readinger (Joey), Cynthia Longstreth (Joanna), Priscilla Graham (Connie).

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